Form-Based Codes Institute at Smart Growth America

Topic: Case Studies

Advanced SmartCode Applications

The SmartCode form-based code has been adopted in municipalities throughout the U.S. and utilized in various capacities – testing the tool’s adaptability and versatility. This webinar is led by two…more

What Elected and Appointed Officials Need to Know About FBCs (Part 2)

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Arlington County board member Chris Zimmerman shares the experiences he’s gained over the years with the administration of a successful form-based code. Chris will describe the challenges presented by the…more


Form-Based Codes for Small Towns: The Traditional Town Center

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George Proakis continues the conversation about smaller towns and villages, focusing on strategies for the traditional town center. He draws upon his own work using form-based codes to conserve the…more

Coding Corridors: Opportunities and Challenges

Corridors are carriers of life in a region, passageways serving as edges and connectors. Kaizer Rangwala discusses the particular challenges of planning for corridors, man-made and natural. From a theoretical…more

Idealism Meets Pragmatism: Transforming the Suburbs Step by Step

Geoffrey Ferrell and Jason Beske demonstrate how to begin to build a desirable place where the existing urban fabric is less than ideal (“sub-urban”). Case studies taken from a suburban…more

Integrating More Sustainable Design In Form-Based Codes

This 2-hour webinar covers key elements of sustainable design that may be regulated by form-based codes, including storm water and waste water conservation, renewable energy systems, urban agriculture, green roofs,…more

Economic Development Through Form-Based Coding

Scott Polikov, President of Gateway Planning Group in Austin, Texas, demonstrates how a form-based approach allows communities to leverage the near term market without sacrificing flexibility and creativity over time.…more