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Etiwanda Heights Neighborhood & Conservation Plan

This code strikes the perfect balance between walkable urbanism and conservation of natural areas. It is well-organized, easy to follow, and includes impressive visuals that make the document clear and approachable. The process for preparing this well-integrated vision and code exemplifies a model approach to substantial and inclusive engagement. The code offers an exemplary strategy for laying out streets, lots, and buildings; a flexible menu of housing types to accommodate different circumstances; and a framework for diverse neighborhoods. The document satisfies stringent California environmental requirements, avoids possible litigation with an innovative policy for transfer of development rights and shapes development to enhance the natural environment. The Etiwanda Heights Plan and code will create walkable places and conserve important natural areas, serving as a model for thoughtful and intentional adjacent development to accommodate growth.

Etiwanda Heights Neighborhood & Conservation Plan

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Year: 2020

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