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Economic Development Through Form-Based Coding

This 1.5 hour recorded webinar, titled The New Economics of Place – Economic Development Through Form Based Coding, demonstrates that form-based planning codes concern much more than community appearance or mere aesthetics. In fact, form-based planning and coding harnesses the power of a neighborhood-based economy and a sustainable region. The instructor draws upon actual case studies of planning, code writing and implementation, to demonstrate how a form-based approach allows communities to leverage the near term market without sacrificing flexibility and creativity over time. He provides a dynamic, interactive presentation that encourages thinking about strategies and techniques to build upon a community’s “authenticity”, using the power of great streets and the promise of transit to attract and sustain investment for infrastructure and jobs. The codes are shown to apply in a diverse array of areas and economic development schemes ranging from older downtown areas to new suburbs. Viewers will gain new insights into planning for streets and buildings together, their interconnectedness, and a comprehensive planning process that uses codes to integrate the built environment into larger economic development strategies.