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University Neighborhood Specific Plan

This Code offers an excellent example for regulating large-scale infill development to produce a walkable place. It offers a “kit of parts” for creating the fundamental urban form—addressing both the public realm and private development—and achieving the ideal balance between predictability and flexibility. It creates a regulatory framework and process within which future detailed planning and development can take place. The executive summary, as well as the rational organization and flow, make it highly accessible to citizens, developers and staff. This code is elegantly designed with clear and attractive images throughout and an appendix of beautifully illustrated design guidelines.


Code Documents:

University Neighborhood Specific Plan

University Neighborhood Specific Plan – Design Guidelines

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  1. Scott Mann says:

    I’m interested in seeing this code.

    • FBCI Staff says:

      If you click here, the second one the on the page is this code. If you look at the right side, there’s a column called “Code Documents” where you can view this code.

  2. Urban and Transportation planning are linked together for a sustainable city. Walkable and Cycling cities give more opportunity to be a Liaveable city. I’m interested to see this code.

  3. I’m interested to see this code.

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