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Advanced SmartCode Applications

The SmartCode form-based code has been adopted in municipalities throughout the country and utilized in various capacities – testing the tool’s adaptability and versatility. In Bradenton, Florida the code was used as a tool to achieve sustainability to the scale of lot-level landscaping and construction details. In Montgomery, Alabama the SmartCode has guided new development for over five years in both new traditional neighborhoods and downtown infill areas. In El Paso, Texas, a work plan for rezoning multiple sections of the city is directed by the Comprehensive Plan, with SmartCode applications for new development on vast tracts of public land. Applications in El Paso range from public-private partnerships on Transit Oriented Development sites to big-box retail embedded within new communities, making the SmartCode the growing city’s most encouraged land development tool.

This recorded webinar features two SmartCode practitioners who discuss the code, its pros and cons, successes and failures. It is an excellent introduction to the art and practice of form-based coding.