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The Village of Shorewood, Wisconsin seeks consultant for its Commercial & Mixed-Use Districts (Hybrid Form-Based Code Zoning)

Proposal Requested

The Village of Shorewood is seeking a consultant to update the Commercial and Mixed-Use Districts within its  Zoning Code to include form-based elements alongside updated use classifications (hybrid). The Village’s Central District Master Plan Design Guidelines shall serve as a starting point, but incorporation of additional  “best practice” form-based elements are expected. This project is being initiated upon the recent adoption of  the Village of Shorewood Comprehensive Plan 2040. The consultant will work with the Planning & Development  Director, Plan Commission and Design Review Board to review the existing code and built environment, facilitate  public engagement, and draft the proposed update for consideration by the Village Board.  

Digital proposals are due to Bart Griepentrog ([email protected]) by 4:30 PM CST on October 15, 2021. See the Project Scope included within the full RFP, found HERE, for complete details.

Questions regarding this RFP should only be directed to Bart Griepentrog. Contact with elected officials, committee members and other staff members is grounds for disqualification.

Project Background

The village of Shorewood, Wisconsin (population 13,315 – 1.6 sq. miles) is located within Milwaukee County’s  North Shore communities. It is a built-out, first-ring, urban suburb of the city of Milwaukee that is amongst the  most densely developed municipalities in the state of Wisconsin. The village is a walkable and bikeable  community served by public transit. It is located adjacent to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and within  a short commute to employment within Downtown Milwaukee.  

Over the last decade, the village has witnessed significant growth in its commercial corridors, much of which was  accomplished through Planned Development Districts. Some of that recent growth has challenged community  perceptions. Based on known redevelopment opportunities and its desirable location and real estate market,  the village expects to see continued redevelopment. It is hoped that a well-designed hybrid form-based code  will foster predictable improvements that are compatible with existing context and aligned with community  expectations.