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Canton Village Districts Code

Collinsville, CT aerial

This code was adopted in 2018 for a suburban corridor linking established historic village centers in western Connecticut. Prior commercial strip zoning on State Route 44 is now pre-approved for higher density, mixed-use development as part of three distinct village districts, each specifying its own unique character elements.

“This code is an admirable example of an ordinance for a suburban corridor with established village centers. The modest but effective document excels in its instructions to applicants; the ‘How To Use This Code’ page and the ‘Application Matrix’ are particularly effective in providing a roadmap for small developers, demonstrating the political will to simplify the process. The parking regulations – including new on-street parking spaces in parking minimums and waiving additional parking requirements when building function changes – are helpful incentives for adaptive reuse. While the code would benefit from a stronger regulating plan and better illustrative photographs, it is a worthwhile example for communities seeking to improve existing village centers, repair adjacent sprawl, and guide small-scale developers.” – Jury statement from the 2019 Driehaus Awards Jury.

Access the full code here.

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