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FBC 101 on Planetizen

Talking form-based codes (from top left): Geoff Ferrell, Lisa Wise, Dan Slone, Kaizer Rangwala, Victor Dover, Mary Madden, Tony Perez, Dan Parolek

FBCI and Planetizen teamed to produce an on-line version of the popular course, FBC 101: The ABCs of Form-Based Codes. The new ‘101’ was produced in Planetizen’s studios, featuring FBCI’s experts in the field of form-based coding. Watch this short intro.

The 8-course “track” in Planetizen Courses is now ready!

  • Introduction provides an overview to kick off the new series,
  • Learning How to Look conveys skills to understand and evaluate good urbanism,
  • Neighborhoods covers the essential elements of a neighborhood – physical and functional,
  • Corridors looks at the challenges of planning and designing corridors and shows how their codes can be improved,
  • Downtowns gives understanding of key considerations of a for a downtown context, following a series of case studies that illustrate the common features of downtown codes across a range of scales and contexts,
  • Preparing a Form-Based Code gives guidance for selecting an organizing principle for a code, steps to follow, and basic decisions that must be made.
  • Legal Aspects covers the legal authority for form-based coding, relevant case law, and the development review processes under form-based codes.
  • Citywide Code Updates considers “hybrid” codes and citywide assessments to determine where form-based codes might be most effectively applied.

Completing the whole track fulfills the introductory requirement of FBCI’s three-course series. It is a prerequisite for FBCI’s two-day onsite advanced courses, FBC 201 (Urban Design and Placemaking with Form-Based Codes) and FBC 301 (Formulating, Adopting, and Administering Form-Based Codes). Those who finish all three receive a certificate of completion from FBCI.

Note – In order to take this FBC 101 track on Planetizen, it is necessary to subscribe to Planetizen’s course service and the price is very reasonable. Click here for information.

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