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East Billings Urban Renewal District Code

The East Billings Urban Renewal District Code provides standards and regulations for the implementation of the East Billings Urban Revitalization District Master Plan and creates districts integrating new mixed use and residential development with existing uses. Districts are delineated by existing character, pattern of development and implementation priorities that include desired walkability and mix of uses. The form-based code defines uses for every district and sets general and specific standards for allowable frontage types, landscape standards, signage, and street types. A separate chapter specifies required sustainable development measures for new development. The code’s focus is primarily on regulating urban form emphasizing standards and parameters with predictable physical results. The Frontage Type and Street Type sections require buildings and streets to shape public space through the use of standards that require building placement and street elements to promote and preserve an efficient street network and interconnected blocks. The code uses plenty of unambiguous and clearly labeled diagrams accurate in their representation of spatial configurations.

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Code Documents

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