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Joel Russell quoted in Hartford Business

Joel Russell quoted in Hartford Business

Hartford quotes Joel Russell, Executive Director of Form-Based Codes Institute and Alan Mammoser, Program Director on how the Hartford Group and the town of Simsbury, CT developed a form based codes and are using it to market the Farmington Valley office campus.

Direct quotes, may be found below:

Joel Russell, a Northampton, Mass., attorney and planning expert who has done extensive work on form-based code through Yale and his own consultancy, said The Hartford’s application of a form-based code to marketing an existing development appears to plow fresh ground.

“It’s a unique way of doing it and an extremely good model,” said Russell, executive director of the Form-Based Codes Institute based in Chicago.

According to Russell, form-based code always has been about aligning the property owner or developer’s interests with those of the community, “which is ensuring that what’s built is what the community wants.”

“They’ve essentially solved the problems of community acceptance up front,” Russell said.

Form-based coding has evolved since the early ’80s, with the code for the community of Seaside, Fla., said Alan Mammoser, program director at the Form-Based Codes Institute.

More recently, Miami, Fla. adopted form-based coding to address concerns that oversized commercial buildings were encroaching into neighborhood spaces and making streets less navigable to cyclists and foot traffic, Mammoser said.

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