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Roosevelt Road Form-Based Code

The Roosevelt Road Form-Based Code is collaboration between the three cities of Oak Park, Berwyn, and Cicero in the Chicago metropolitan area. The code establishes a pedestrian-oriented district, a transitional district, and an auto-oriented district along a 1.5 mile corridor of Roosevelt Road. While the 3 districts vary progressively in vehicular intensity and building form, one of them focuses specifically on enhancing the pedestrian environment and all districts emphasize pedestrian safety. The 3 districts have both common and unique standards that include building types, heights, density, building placement, parking, frontages, and other urban features. Standards and regulations are keyed to a regulating plan, emphasize parameters for form with predictable physical outcomes, and incorporate numerous clearly labeled and unambiguous diagrams. The code and the street plan are the result of eight years of collaboration, public workshops, and input among local governments and residents including coordination on funding and construction.

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