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The City of Miami’s Form-Based Code is a national groundbreaking model because city officials completely replaced the existing zoning code. The code sets up walkable urbanism as the citywide default pattern for development and redevelopment. Miami 21 is the most sophisticated application of the SmartCode to date. The entire document is very well thought out and written. The table of contents and structure are very clear. Restricted, limited and open categories affect density and use for each zone; there are essentially 18 carefully calibrated zones for the entire city. If an applicant complies with the regulations, the project is approved without layers of time-consuming and unpredictable discretionary reviews. Miami 21 has all the provisions that would be found in a typical zoning ordinance but goes further, addressing such important aspects as sustainability, view corridors, and solar access. Preservation of historic districts is included. A public benefits program gives developers additional density for affordable housing, meeting green building standards, or contributing to an open space trust fund.


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