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Downtown Las Vegas Form-Based Code

The City of Las Vegas is applying a form-based code to implement its master plan vision of becoming a lively mixed-use urban environment centered around transit hubs and activity nodes. The code applies to the Downtown Las Vegas Overlay District – an area containing 12 districts unique in character, demographics, and building form. Existing base zones and interim standards are replaced when the city adopts the form-based code for each district. Although the code is currently applied only to the Medical District, the framework is robust, versatile, and designed to easily incorporate new transects and building types needed for additional districts in the future. The illustrations make this code easy to use and the standards for street trees, buildings, frontages, civic spaces, and thoroughfares are exceptional. This is the first form-based code in Nevada.

The code was adopted on October 19, 2018 and can be found on the City’s form-based code website.

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