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Bellevue, KY Form-Based Code

This is a mandatory SmartCode that aims at shaping public space and preserving Bellevue’s historic downtown character. It describes and sets standards for transects, thoroughfares, public frontages, thoroughfare assemblies, public lighting, and civic space. It is clearly labeled and accurate in the presentation of spatial configurations. Regulations and standards are keyed to specific locations on the zoning map and emphasize parameters for form with predictable physical outcomes (build-to lines, frontage type requirements, etc.) rather than rely on numerical parameters (FAR, density, etc.). The City of Bellevue generated the form-based code after a year-long public process, a four-hour visioning exercise, and a four-day charrette in which nearly 200 residents, business owners, developers and policymaker’s participated and assembled a vision plan for the project’s implementation.

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Bellevue Zoning Ordinance

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