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City of Marquette Modern Land Development Code

Submission Deadline: April 7, 2017, 11:00 am (local time)

The City of Marquette (City) requests the submission of proposals from land use planning consulting firms to prepare a major update to our land use ordinances (Zoning, Sign, Fence, and Subdivision), with the goal of combining them into one Modern Land Development Code document. Firms replying should have demonstrated ability in land use ordinance revisions and creation. Knowledge of different styles/types of ordinances and of various methods for preparing ordinances is sought, particularly a working knowledge of Form-Based Codes, which the City currently uses in addition to standard zoning. Also, in order to foster a sustainable future for the City of Marquette, we are seeking to incorporate Smart Growth techniques to the new Code document. Experience in the creation/development of Geographic Information Systems data will be necessary. The firm selected must demonstrate a capacity to work closely with the public and will need to work cooperatively with City Staff, the Planning 2 Commission, the City Commission, and possibly other governmental/private agencies in the course of preparing the Revision. To see the City of Marquette’s site: To view the RFP:

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