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A Message From Our Chairperson


FBCI is growing in 2016! We are pleased to announce that the Richard H. Driehaus Lead Charitable Trust has offered a generous 2:1 match, up to a total of $90,000, for donations received by FBCI in 2016.  So the first $45,000 in donor contributions will have triple the impact.  We hope donors will  take advantage of this opportunity to leverage their contributions.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to highlight the promise, and the successes, of form-based coding. In our most recent newsletter, you will see Steve Price’s insightful article on the nature of human society and form-based coding. Steve, a founding board member, is a deep thinker in this area, effectively tying together new insights from social research that support the time-tested ways of making cities and towns.

Our most recent newsletter also included a piece we picked up from a Virginia journal, on the “form-based success” of the Columbia Pike code, which has been in place more than ten years now. Here, form-based coding has supported the rejuvenation of a moribund corridor into a place that’s seeing new development filling in the empty spaces with a good urban feel. The Pike is springing back to life, thanks in large part to the code that governs its development.

You will see these interesting articles and much more on the web site. And please, consider a donation to help us make the Driehaus Trust match and continue our important work of zoning reform in this country. Thank you!

Lisa Wise
Form-Based Codes Institute

About the Author

Lisa Wise is a planner with almost 25 years of professional experience in land use planning, housing policy, development codes, and finance.