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FBC101 Online

An online course equivalent to FBCI’s popular one-day course FBC101: ABCs of Form-Based Codes

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FBC101 Online was produced by Planetizen featuring some of the leading practitioners and innovators of the modern practice of form-based coding. It is available as a “track” in Planetizen Courses. The track is composed of 8 courses, each approximately one hour in length. Its core content is essentially equivalent to FBC101: The ABCs of Form-Based Codes.

FBC101 Online is a thorough introduction to form-based coding using a combination of presentations, discussions and case studies. It provides a solid foundation, showing why and how form-based coding came to be, and how it fundamentally differs from conventional zoning in its total dedication to creating good urbanism. The instructors begin with seeing and analyzing urbanism. They provide insights into how coding relates to planning, how form-based codes work within zoning codes, and how they may be applied citywide or in specific settings such as corridors, centers, or small infill sites. Participants will see how coding is adaptable to communities of varying size and complexity.

Participants who complete the entire track will gain useful knowledge of what to expect from a coding process, how to structure a coding process, and some potential problems to avoid. This track fulfills all requirements for enrolling in FBCI’s two-day on-site advanced courses, FBC 201 (Urban Design and Placemaking) and FBC 301 (Formulating, Adopting, and Administering). Participants who successfully complete all three receive a certificate of completion from FBCI.

Note: FBC101 Online offers the advantage of self-paced online learning. However, in order to have the benefit of interaction with instructors and other participants, and customization to the needs of particular communities, you may consider taking the FBC101 on-site class. Please contact us for more information.