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FBCI gathers the best examples of form-based codes from communities across the United States and abroad. The codes represent a variety of community types and applications of form-based standards. Click on the Show Search Options button to search the library by phrase, location, Driehaus Award recipients, and the categories described below.

  • Physical Context: size or type of government entity
  • Organizing Principle: underlying organization for the code standards
  • Implementation Method: how the code standards operate within the zoning ordinance
  • Development Type: development types impacted by the code standards
  • Special Features: unique code attributes or awards

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Azusa Development Code

The code is mandatory and separates the City into 17 planning areas of distinct character. Within planning areas, there are three types of regulatory areas, Neighborhoods, Districts and Corridors that correspond to distinctive…more

Code Documents

CBD Code and Architectural Guidelines for Delray Beach, Florida

**Driehaus Award Recipient**

The highly descriptive Code and Guidelines provide a strong and enforceable framework for good urban development. The clear metrics, requirements for parking, active uses facing public spaces and the workforce housing are worthy…more

University Neighborhood Specific Plan

**Driehaus Award Recipient**

This Code offers an excellent example for regulating large-scale infill development to produce a walkable place. It offers a “kit of parts” for creating the fundamental urban form—addressing both the public realm and…more

Etiwanda Heights Neighborhood & Conservation Plan

**Driehaus Award Recipient**

This code strikes the perfect balance between walkable urbanism and conservation of natural areas. It is well-organized, easy to follow, and includes impressive visuals that make the document clear and approachable. The process…more

Tehachapi General Plan

The Tehachapi General Plan is the community vision of how Tehachapi could grow and maintain the local high quality of life and unique character as a small mountain town. It is a form-based…more