Form-Based Codes Institute at Smart Growth America

Steve Price

Steve Price President
Urban Advantage
1404 Elm Street
El Cerrito, CA
FBCI Involvement

A picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing is truer when it comes to explaining how cities physically work. Steve Price communicates the design principles of walkable urbanism through photo-realistic illustration. Using photo-editing software, he modifies photographs of existing landscapes, superimposing photographs of architecture, trees, people, transit vehicles and other components of an urban landscape to create before-and-after visualizations of positive change. He has worked with most of America’s leading new urban designers. His images have been published in numerous newspapers, national magazines, in the book The Charter of the New Urbanism (published by the Congress for the New Urbanism), in the book The Regional City by Peter Calthorpe and William Fulton, and in Form-Based Codes by Paul Crawford, Dan Parolek and Karen Parolek. Steve wrote the Wikipedia article on form-based codes.