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FBCI gathers the best examples of form-based codes from communities across the United States and abroad. The codes represent a variety of community types and applications of form-based standards. Click on the Show Search Options button to search the library by phrase, location, Driehaus Award recipients, and the categories described below.

  • Physical Context: size or type of government entity
  • Organizing Principle: underlying organization for the code standards
  • Implementation Method: how the code standards operate within the zoning ordinance
  • Development Type: development types impacted by the code standards
  • Special Features: unique code attributes or awards

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Flagstaff Zoning Code

Flagstaff Seal

In 2009 the City of Flagstaff embarked on a comprehensive rewrite of its zoning regulations realizing that they were complicated, hard to administer and enforce, and they promoted sprawl development inconsistent with the…more

Near Southside Development Standards and Guidelines

Near Southside **Driehaus Award Recipient**

The Near Southside Development District, on the south side of the City of Fort Worth, includes both a historic district dating to the 1800s and the County’s second largest employment center. Over 30,000…more

Gulfport SmartCode

Gulfport **Driehaus Award Recipient**

The Gulfport Code is the first new FBC to be adopted in communities hit by Hurricane Katrina. While an optional code, an add-on to the city’s existing regulations, it still holds immense potential…more

Jefferson County SmartCode Floating Overlay District

This regulatory county-wide smart code directs and guides future growth in sectors of Jefferson County by setting standards and regulations for new and infill community-scale and building-scale plans. On community-scale plans the code…more

Downtown Las Vegas Form-Based Code

The City of Las Vegas is applying a form-based code to implement its master plan vision of becoming a lively mixed-use urban environment centered around transit hubs and activity nodes. The code applies…more

Leander TOD Code

Leander Station **Driehaus Award Recipient**

Leander’s code shows the initiative of a municipality preparing for the development expected to result from planned transportation improvements. The city’s current population of 17,000 is anticipated to exceed 200,000, as Leander is…more

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