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Sandy Sorlien

Sandy Sorlien is a principal author of the SmartCode & Manual, the coordinator of SmartCodeCentral.com, and the founding teacher of the SmartCode Local master classes. She has edited several versions of the SmartCode from v5.2 onward, working with principal author Andres Duany and DPZ. After Hurricane Katrina, Sandy helped customize or review SmartCodes for fifteen Mississippi and Louisiana cities. In early 2008 she calibrated Version 9.0 for Jamestown, Rhode Island and Bran, Romania. She lectured on the SmartCode and transect-based zoning to the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (PA-NJ-DE), and later to the Philadelphia Zoning Code Commission. In her pre-Katrina life, Sandy taught photography at the University of the Arts and the University of Pennsylvania in her home town of Philadelphia. She received several fellowships for her work, and after 14 years of traveling the “American Transect”, published Fifty Houses: Images from the American Road. She is working on a book about Main Streets in America.