Form-Based Codes Institute at Smart Growth America

David Sargent

Founding Principal
Sargent Town Planning
Los Angeles, CA
FBCI Involvement

David Sargent has practiced architecture and urban planning and design for nearly 40 years, since 1992 focusing his practice on pedestrian- and transit-oriented neighborhoods, districts, corridors, towns and cities. He has assembled and directed multidisciplinary teams for urban projects throughout the country, ranging in size from urban infill projects to multi-neighborhood master plans and entire towns, and ranging in scale and character from rural hamlets and small towns to major metropolitan districts and corridors.

David’s recent and current project experience includes specific plans, general plans, regulatory codes, design guidelines, and implementation strategies for neighborhoods, mixed-use employment districts, downtowns, urban corridors and open space conservation throughout California and in other states.

For each project, he and the team carefully analyze the plan area and context in terms of urban form, transportation, existing policies and regulations and economics, and engage stakeholders, City professional staff, and the public to identify priorities, goals, concepts and strategies to manage and implement positive, locally calibrated change. Plans are developed through an interactive, collaborative process of consultation, analysis, workshops, and charrrettes, illustrated at each stage with clear, graphic presentations that enable all participants to provide their well-informed input and consent to the emerging plan.