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Bill Spikowski, FAICP

Bill Spikowski is a veteran advisor to local governments and a pioneer in the development of form-based codes. He’s prepared community plans, redevelopment plans, and codes for cities and counties that aren’t willing to settle for today’s sprawling development patterns. He’s become an expert in using form-based codes to translate bold visions of the future into an integral part of local regulations. Bill is a frequent lecturer on innovative planning and coding techniques and is an officer and founding board member of the Form-Based Codes Institute. He is a regular instructor at FBCI workshops across the country. Prior to forming his consulting firm in 1992, Bill served as growth management director for Lee County, Florida. He also serves on the Fort Myers Planning Board and is a co-founder and officer of the Calusa Land Trust & Nature Preserve. He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners.