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RFIE #17-016; Modernization of the Land Development Ordinance

The Town of Parker (the “Town”) is seeking letters of interest from qualified multi-disciplinary consultants and consultant teams that have an interest in participating in a modified interview selection process or a formal solicitation process for the Modernization of the Land Development Ordinance (LDO) for the Town. The Town seeks to identify prospective consultants or consultant teams that will partner with the Town to bring a full range of expertise in current development practices, land use, urban design, zoning, and project management to comprehensively update and modernize the LDO. Project essentials also include an understanding of land use law with a proven track record in community engagement. This effort will entail a major revision and overhaul of the LDO to incorporate best practices, form-based code approaches, modern zoning principles and a user-friendly administrative framework. Once the Town has identified experienced consultants or consultant teams which it believes can perform the desired services in the manner specified, the Town may seek to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the consultant or consultant team which the Town believes best fulfills the needs, requirements, and expectations to establish a new LDO that reflects the aspirations and high standards of the community as expressed in the Parker 2035 Master Plan.

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