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Development of a Form-Based Zoning Ordinance for the Town of Munster, Indiana

The Town of Munster, Indiana is seeking statements of qualifications from urban planning consultants to prepare a form-based zoning ordinance to supersede its existing zoning ordinance and other local land development regulations.

Munster, Indiana is located in Lake County, Indiana, 30 miles southeast of the Chicago Loop. Since its incorporation in 1907, the Town of Munster has evolved into an established and prosperous community of 23,000 residents, serving as a cultural and medical hub for the greater Northwest Indiana region. Today, Munster is almost completely developed and exists as a stable, auto-oriented community of primarily mid to late 20th century neighborhoods with an extensive parks and trails system.

In 2010, the Town of Munster adopted a comprehensive plan that identified six guiding principles for its future development:

  1. Promote Sustainable Growth
  2. Support Transit as Critical to a Prosperous Town
  3. Create a Legacy of Unique Parks and Open Spaces
  4. Grow as A Hub of the Regional Trail System
  5. Strengthen Infrastructure to Meet Future Needs
  6. Redevelop Old Areas as Walkable, Mixed Use Centers

The plan can be viewed here: https://www.munster.org/egov/docs/1340988647610.pdf.

The Town of Munster is now seeking to update its zoning ordinance to reflect its comprehensive plan.

For the full RFQ, please visit: http://www.munster.org/egov/documents/1506018677_26138.pdf.

Submittals must be received by the Town of Munster by no later than 4:00 p.m. (CST) on October 20, 2017.

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