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City of Concord, NH: Form Based Code Consultant Services

The City of Concord, NH wishes to engage the services of a qualified consultant for the purpose of creating a hybrid form based code.

As a result of the recent success of a number of large infrastructure projects, and a renewed commitment to economic development, the City of Concord is interested in overhauling its zoning code and adopting a new form based approach to regulating development within its Urban Growth Boundary. The new code will create form based standards, modify and clarify existing standards, reorganize standards into a more readable, user-friendly format, and create an engaging, illustrated document.

The process is anticipated to be funded over two fiscal years (July-June), with a total budget of $200,000. As such, the schedule and scope for the project should assume two phases, occurring over two fiscal years. Funding for the first phase has been allocated.

For contact information and to see the full RFP, please visit the City of Concord Purchasing page: Form Based Code Consultant Services

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