Saticoy Wells Community Plan and Code

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The Saticoy Wells Community is located at the eastern edge of Ventura, surrounded by farms and hills. Over the past 50 years, the area has largely developed in a suburban pattern. The intent of the plan and code is to foster new growth on about 50% of the still-undeveloped community parcels, reconnecting fractured linkages while encouraging new parks and a variety of building types. This transect-based code includes mandatory, optional, and floating standards to address unique on-the-ground opportunities. For the existing conventional suburban subdivision, the code proposes an optional set of FBCs to regulate the development of large parcels. The intent is to generate buildings whose massing and articulation reflect the neighborhood's scale, and to prevent large monolithic and repetitive buildings. Experience gained from previous coding efforts, and FBCI's training, enabled planning staff to create the code in-house.